Monica & Erich

Let me start by saying, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when Monica hired us. OK, now that I have that off my chest, let me explain why. So Monica contacted us as she had seen our work through some of her friends that we also filmed their weddings. From day one Monica and I connected. We actually never met, but we spoke and texted away as I provided her guidance and suggestions. Now she never told me how high energy Erich was. I started following him on Instagram and I knew I would also connect with him when I saw a video of Monica and him singing to NWA’s “Boyz in da Hood”. A classic in our books…

Then we had our facetime meeting to go over the overall day. Monica expressed how she wanted a dramatic teaser and right then and there the creative juices began to flow once more. Many clients do not realize how hard it is to select a song for a teaser or short film as it has to match the couple and overall shots. The next day after our meeting I started song searching. I knew what I wanted and took several days to find a song. I thought I had the song, but the overall day and shots did not match the original song. I began searching again the day after the wedding and found the right one. You may be wondering why the song changed? Well the day started with a rainy day (perfect for dramatic), but Erich’s energy was on the high side not matching the mood for a dramatic teaser. How many groom’s dress up in the traditional German Lederhosen to give out groomsmen gift. image1

To top it off they bought over 40 Mexican wrestling masks to give out at the reception. So as you can see dramatic teaser would be hard with this kind of energy…

So as I said above, the day started on a gloomy cloudy day. We started in Miami Beach, at the Bentley hotel for getting ready. One thing I knew that it was going to be smooth day as the team from Marz Makeup and Hair was in full control beautifying the bridesmaids. When we arrived, Monica was very relaxed and go with the flow. All went as planned and we were even ahead of schedule. At the same time we were working with the team from Santy Martinez Photography, which they make it easy to work alongside and we feed creativeness from one another.

From the Bentley we headed to St. Patrick’s Catholic Church. After the ceremony, I saw we were way ahead of schedule and asked Monica and Erich if they would be willing to deviate from the timeline and stop at Lincoln Road in Miami Beach before heading to the Bass Museum. Erich looked at me and said “let’s do it”. This was great as I knew Monica wanted street shots. We were able to pull it off without a hitch. While back at the Bass Museum all guests were enjoying their o’dourves jamming to the beats coming from the Event Factor team.

By now you might be wondering, so what kind of teaser is it? The original request of Dramatic? Did I play it safe and went with a mellow song? Did I go with an instrumental or top 10? I guess you have to click below and watch…

Monica & Erich, I cannot express how great of a couple the two of you were to work with, to allow my creative juices to flow and completely trust the House of Films team and our work. Monica I know you are itching to press play if you haven’t already, but if you haven’t go for it. Enjoy your honeymoon and god bless your marriage.

About The Author

Hector Gil is a wedding videographer in Miami dedicated to creating a love story with each film edited. His focus is quality over quantity when creating a short film. Each film is unique in itself tailored to the couples likes and wants. In the end creating a lifelong short film allowing each couple to relive their day.

Hector Gil – who has written posts on HOUSE of FILMS.

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