Princess’ First time on the beach

It has been some time since I post anything about our princess and what better time to create a short film then on our first visit to the Beach. To no surprise she loved her first visit. At the same time, what better way then to put the GoPro to action.

As first time parents, you never know what you will need until the moment arrives. So several weeks of talking about going to the beach, I went out and bought the cooler with wheels, the bad ass beach umbrella, chairs, water bottles, sunscreen, beach toys and even a new bathing suit, for myself I must add. Note to self, pulling a rolling bag and rolling cooler on the beach sand is to be avoided. Major workout. At the same time, putting up a beach umbrella on a windy day, not the easiest task. As the umbrella went up, the wife covered the princess with sunscreen.

Now the time had arrived… The moment of truth… Would she love it or hate it. So we walked her together towards the beach and all she would say was “agua”, water in Spanish. She walked fearlessly towards the water and walked right in. As we expected, she loved it to the point that she even cried when we took her out of the water.

By the way, one thing we learned is that talc powder is great at removing sand from feet, hands and anywhere else. Sharing it with you so that you can pack a bottle next time you head to the beach.

Here is her short film. enjoy…


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Hector Gil – who has written posts on HOUSE of FILMS.

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