Noah selling his Toys to Raise funds for Poor Countries

I received a Facebook message today from a good friend about his 6 year old son wanting to sell his toys in order to raise funds for poor countries. The first thing that came to mind is what a great heart Noah has. At only 6 years old he is seeing the world issues we are having and has decided to do his part to raise awareness by selling his toys. Again at only 6 years old he has taken this challenge on and needs all of our help. His goal of $2000 will be achieved by all of us helping. All of us have at least $5 in our wallets that we can donate and help him achieve his goals.

His dad had this to say:
“Since very little Noah has been very concerned with the well being of others. He was born with a very caring heart and comes up with all kinds of ideas for helping people. This toy drive was purely his idea and it’s taking him days of him asking me to help him for me to set this site up. I say this so you know that this is all Noah’s doing.” -Dad

And Noah had this to say:
“People in Africa and other poor countries can die with dirty water that they have to drink and we have to help people in poor countries to live.
My idea is to is to get money from selling my toys to help kids have better lives. Please help me save people’s lives.” -Noah

To see Noah doing this only shows what a great example his parents are teaching him and that life is not all about material things. Today’s society we all get caught up in the material things and to stop and see this video says a lot about his parents. So Guillermo and Lovedy, Kudos on great parenting. I saw Noah when he was only a couple of days old and now at 6 years old seeing him doing this brings tears to my eyes. This is something that my wife and I have always said we would teach our daughter especially during the holidays when so many children wake up on Christmas day without a single toy to open.

Noah you will reach your goal and god bless you for what you are doing. Below is a link to his video and here is a link to the site you can send your donation:
Donation Site!!!

Here is a link to his video


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