Katie & Alfie

Three words about Katie and Alfie, “High-School Sweethearts”. Actually I have many words which can become hashtags for them: #crazyinlove #theyknowhowtothrowaparty #assnkakwedding #backitup #fireball and the list can go on and on. You see, these two are loved by everyone and we felt it the night of their wedding. They had over 200 guests and I can say that everyone was on their feet dancing the night away with them.

So their day started out a bit overcast, but mother nature knew she had to change it fast or she would get an assnkak kicking. This beautiful couple was getting ready at the Four Seasons in Brickell alongside all their family and friends. Everyone came to party, but no one knew what was about to hit them. When we arrived, Mr. Stern (no not Howard Stern), Mr. Ricky Stern from Ricky Stern Photography, was already onsite waiting for us anxiously to go do the dress shot. As you can see from our videos, we get creative when it comes to rings and dress shots and we live on the edge when we do such shots. In the end, all worth it. The ceremony took place at the historic St. Jude Catholic Church, and there was only standing room available by the time Katie walked down the isle. As the ceremony completed, the couple and guests were greeted outside by two bagpipe players which escorted them back to the Four Seasons Hotel. How awesome of a surprise to family and friends.

The night began with the band from Higher Ground. Let me say, if you have never seen them, this band really knows how to keep the dance floor going. They can play it all, from Hip Hop, to Classics, to Latin, pretty much anything. As guests continued to dance, the ladies from ANJE Soirees were prepping for one of the night’s main surprise, the LED Robot. Going back to ANJE Soirees, kudos to them. Not only did they email us the timeline almost a month early, but they kept the timeline ahead of schedule. Not very often do you see this happen. Now back to the LED Robot. The plan was to have the band stop playing, making guests think the night was over, but then the Robot entered the ballroom. Pretty much this is when the after party began (checkout on the blog the After Party video). As “Jackie Polit” mentioned on Facebook about their wedding, “EPIC”. And that pretty much sums up how their wedding day was. I guess one more hashtag for them; #EPIC or better yet “assnkakEPICwedding

Katie & Alfie, thank you for allowing us to be part of your wedding. This is one for the books. May god continue to bless your union and now your marriage. Enjoy your teaser

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Hector Gil is a wedding videographer in Miami dedicated to creating a love story with each film edited. His focus is quality over quantity when creating a short film. Each film is unique in itself tailored to the couples likes and wants. In the end creating a lifelong short film allowing each couple to relive their day.

Hector Gil – who has written posts on HOUSE of FILMS.

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